The Nordic Combined Teams of France

03 novembre 2010

The end of the blog

The French Ski Federation has decided not to persue the way of communication via a blog. Therefore, this winter and throughout the season 2010-2011, you won't find any news regarding Nordic Combined and its National Teams of France on this blog.
Thank you very much for your interest and your support!

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06 mai 2010

The new French National Teams are named for the season 2010-2011

Finally, the new teams are officially named:

Equipe A: Francois Braud, Jonathan Félisaz, Sébastien Lacroix, Maxime Laheurte, Jason Lamy Chappuis.
Team Captain: Etienne Gouy, Coach (jumping): Jérôme Laheurte.

Equipe B: Gautier Airiau, Wilfried Cailleau, Samuel Guy, Geoffrey Lafarge, Nicolas Martin, Florian Pinel.
Coach: Nicolas Bal.

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08 avril 2010

The season is finally over!


The season is over! And some of the athletes already took off to some weeks of holidays (Sébastien, Jason), others had to start their student life already the morning after the French Championships with some courses at uni or a work experience (Wilfried, Nicolas). However, for everyone, April rests a month without training, fully dedicated to recovery - the next season is already waiting around the corner!

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05 avril 2010

French Championships - Nordic Combined Individual 10km

DSC09699  DSC09684

Finally, especially for the day of the Nordic Combined competition, the weather came up with a lot of sunshine and a blue sky which was only sometimes covered by some clouds - great outer conditions which were equally enjoyed by athltes and spectators. In the Senior category, Sébastien Lacroix took his chance which came up after Jason Lamy could not take part in the competition due to his little injury yesterday, and finish first! He gained the title of the French Champion in front of Florian Pinel and Francois Braud. Ther latter had earlier won the ski jumping but could not hold on to his first place in the race. In the Junior category it was Samuel Guy who could take the title in front of Romain Jacquier and Gautier Airiau!

Today's results:

Seniors:  Combine_Nordique_Junior_Seniors

Juniors: Combine_Nordique_Junior

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04 avril 2010

Some pictures of today

DSC04163  DSC04166  DSC04170

DSC04174  DSC04188  DSC04176

DSC04202  DSC04211  DSC04250

DSC04253  DSC04254  DSC04249

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French Championdships - Team Competition Ski Jumping

Also today in the team event, a lot of Nordic Combined athletes took part in the competition. With their team of Mont Blanc, Nicolas Martin and Francois Braud could take first place in front of team Haute Savoie and the team of the Massif Jurassien, which started with Samuel Guy and Sébastien Lacroix. Jason Lamy Chappuis should have participated as well, but he had a little accident during the warming up when he did some jumping immitations . It is still not sure, if he will compete tomorrow, but all in all, the injury is not too bad.

Today's results: R_sultats_Saut_Par_Equipe_04

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03 avril 2010

Some pictures of today

DSC04055  DSC04064  DSC04082

DSC04008  DSC04087  DSC04091
IMG_2055  IMG_2054

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French Championdships - Individual Ski Jumping

The first competition of the French Championships happened today at the hill at Les Tuffes. Jason Lamy Chappuis could take third place behind Vincent Descombes-Sevoie and Emmanuel Chedal.
All Nordic Combined athletes participated in this Individual competition.

The official results:

French Championships Girls: R_sultats_CdF_Saut_Special_Filles

French Championships Junior: R_sultats_CdF_Saut_Special_Juniors

French Championships Senior: R_sultats_CdF_Saut_Special_Junior_Seniors

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31 mars 2010

The last competition of the season: The French Championships in Les Rousses / Prémanon!


On the 3rd, 4th an 5th of April, the French Championships in Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined will be held in Les Rousses / Prémanon. The jumping will take place at the hill at Les Tuffes and the cross country part at the site of La Darbella.

The programme:

Saturday, April 3rd
- Biathlon : Super Sprint Junior W / Junior M / Senior W / Senior M from 11h30 (Qualification from 9h45)
- XC : Poursuite Youth M / Poursuite Junior M/ Poursuite W/ Poursuite Seniors M from 9h00
- Ski Jumping : Individual Junior + Senior M + Girls from 14h00
- Prize giving ceremony in Les Rousses, Place de l’Omnibus, at 18h00

Sunday, April 4th
- Biathlon : Mixed Relay at 10h30
- XC : Classic Sprint M & W from 11h15 (Qualification from 9h30)
- Ski Jumping : Team competition from 10h15
- Prize giving ceremony & presentation of the athletes who participated at the Olympic Games in Vancouver in Les Rousses, Place de l’Omnibus, at 18h00.

Monday, 5th April
- Biathlon : Mass Start Junior M / Mass Start W / Mass Start M from 9h45
- XC : Relay W / Relay M from 10h45
- Nordic Combined  : Jumping competition at 11h00 / Cross Country at 15h00
- Prize giving ceremony at La Darbella at 15h45.

The full programme: Programme_Champfrance2503

There will be buses which bring you to the competition sites.

Bus information: fiche_navette_chpts_fce_10

Animation programme:

Saturday, 3rd April :Prize giving ceremony in Les Rousses, Place de l’Omnibus, at 18h00.

Sunday, 4th April:
Prize giving ceremony & presentation of the athletes who participated at the Olympic Games in Vancouver in Les Rousses, Place de l’Omnibus, at 18h00. Afterwards Gala dinner of the French Championships at 20h00 (with invitation).

Monday, 5th Aprill :
Prize giving ceremony at La Darbella at 15h45. Afterwards cold buffet for all volunteers at 19h00 at the Omnibus in Les Rousses.

Finally:  The big Night of the French Nordic Championships « End Nordic Winter Season » at 21h00 in the Omnibus in Les Rousses. It is organised by the « Vincent Team », the supporters of Vincent GAUTHIER-MANUEL, the triple paralympic medallist, with DJ Marc Monteiro Dj and the mix of Louis Colpy (entry 10 €).

For more information:

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29 mars 2010

Coupe de France Final in Chaux-Neuve: No Nordic Combined!

DSC09529  DSC09536

After some days with very warm temperatures, there was not enough snow left to hold also the Nordic Combined competition of the Coupe de France's Final. However, the Nordic Combined athletes took part in the Special Jumping competition. Here, Vincent Descombes-Sevoie won in front of Jason Lamy Chappuis and David Viry and Jason's cousin Ronan Lamy Chappuis who were equally placed third. In the overall ranking, David Viry won in front of Nicolas Mayer and Ronan Lamy Chappuis. In Nordic Combined, it was Wilfried Cailleau who took the overall in front of Samuel Guy and Gautier Airiau. Unfortunately, there had only been one competition in the Nordic Combined A Tour which already took place at the beginning of the season. The Youth Tour had two competitions and the overall was won by Hugo Buffard in front of Nicolas Didier and Edouard Vanini.

The results:

Overall Coupe de France A NC: CFA_CN_09_10

Overall Coupe de France Youth NC: CFJ__CN_09_10

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